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Welcome to Intrinsic Products! We’re a company of passionate enthusiasts dedicated to offering premium, high quality products, including dash cams and action cameras. We hope you will enjoy browsing our site, learning about our products and interacting with us on our social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & Twitter.



The Intrinsic Products story actually starts in the early 1990s with filming in-car video while competing in auto races. Back then, we used analog, tape-based camcorders, and the results certainly wouldn’t hold up to today’s standards for video quality, including our amazing OnReal 4K action camera. See for yourself by comparing video footage from 1992 and that from 2018

A staged accident on a Los Angeles freeway in 1994 was another formative event in the history of Intrinsic Products. A car full of people made a quick lane change and aggressively applied the brakes, causing a light collision. Although there was hardly any damage to either vehicle, all of the occupants of the other car claimed significant injuries and damage after the fact. Without video evidence, it was a long an arduous process to prove fraud. 



When we began installing and using dash cameras in 2015 the benefits that dash cameras can provide in the event of an accident quickly became obvious. In addition, we enjoyed sharing interesting moments with family and friends. We became convinced that every vehicle should have a dash camera. After viewing these video clips from dash cameras offered by Intrinsic Products, we think you'll agree with our slogan: Every Car - Every Drive - Every Day.


However, those early units purchased from questionable sources offered limited features and were of dubious quality, and support was difficult to obtain. We thought that there must be a better way.



Intrinsic Products was formed to become that better way. It’s our goal to educate drivers about the invaluable protection that dash cameras provide so that they’ll install a dash cam in every vehicle they drive. We work hard to add value and exceed expectations by creating a better customer experience. We’ve done the homework to source innovative, feature-laden, top quality, high performance dash cameras (and action cameras) that offer a superior value proposition, including our Price Match Pledge. We couple that with a level of customer service and personal interaction that the giant online marketplaces can’t match.


As you browse our products, watch our demo videos and consider your options, please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions, suggestions or ideas you might have. We’re ready to help you decide which product is best to suit your needs and budget. We’re just a chat, IM, email or phone call away. We look forward to earning your business!


Scott Webb

Managing Director

Scott Webb Intrinsic Products
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