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1080P HD Smart Dash Camera w/ 150 Degree Wide-angle Lens, Night Vision, Accident Detection, Gesture Sensing Function, GPS, WiFi, Loop Recording & Parking Mode. Includes 32GB Micro SD Card.

OnReal MG2 HD Smart Dash Camera

$139.99 Regular Price
$119.99Sale Price
  • •   1080p HD Video Recording: With a HiSilicon chipset & Sony Exmor image sensor the OnReal MG2 dash cam can record in ultra-clear 1080p at 30 fps, or 720p at 30 fps. Superior image quality provides the best evidence, as well as enjoyable videos to share with family & friends.

    •   Distortion Correction: HiSilicon chipset provides superior distortion correction for ultra-clear image quality.

    •   Wide Dynamic Range: Sony Exmor image sensor provides enhanced low-light performance for optimized video quality in all conditions.

    •   Loop Recording: Camera will automatically record over oldest files once the SD card is full, except those files locked by Accident Detection or from Gesture Saving.

    •   Accident Detection: The built-in G-sensor can detect an impact and automatically lock video files so that they will not be erased by Loop Recording. G-sensor sensitivity is user-adjustable via the OnReal app.

    •   GPS Tracking: Included GPS module provides location tracking as well as recording of vehicle speed. View vehicle route along with video on the OnReal app.

    •   Super Capacitor: MG2 features a super capacitor instead of a Li-ion battery for superior high-heat durability and performance.

    •   Swipe & Save Gesture Sensor: Take pictures & save videos simply by waving your hand under the innovative gesture sensor on the camera to capture special moments. All just with one simple swipe, it's fast & easy. Files are locked to prevent automatic overwrite by the loop recording feature. Gesture sensitivity is user adjustable via the OnReal app.
    •   Parking Mode: When connected to a constant power supply, Parking Mode records at 1 FPS to capture time-lapse video while vehicle is parked.

    •   Viewing Angle Adjustment: Dash camera can be rotated horizontally 360 degrees and adjusted vertically to optimize viewing angle.

    •   WiFi Connectivity: Camera connects to your smartphone via private WiFi network for use of OnReal App.

    •   Premium App: Easily connect your dash camera to your Android or iOS phone where you can control various camera functions as well as review videos and pictures your camera has captured, including GPS route. Share footage directly to your social media networks.

    •   3M Adhesive Windshield Mount: 3M adhesive windshield mount improves image stability and ensures that your dash cam will remain attached in an accident. MG2 can be removed from the mounting bracket.