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What do I do if I have an old Dinkydoodle Airbrush that I have a problem with?

My old range of Dinkydodle airbrushes has a 2 year warranty, and whilst I do not sell or stock these any more they are still covered by the two year warranty. All you need to do is get in touch by email, with details of your proof of purchase and a photograph of your batch code number (on the silver sticker on the bottom of the airbrush compressor) and I will arrange a repair or replacement at my discretion depending upon the identified fault or issue. You can email at dawn@dinkydodle.co.uk

What colours can I use with the Dinkydoodle Airbrush?

As you will see from the products page, I fully endorse Fractal Colors and think that they are a brilliant set of colours for airbrushing on cakes. There are however many other differnt brands that you can use with a Dinkydoodle airbrush. The main thing to consider is the viscosity of the liquid you're using. Check whether the colour has any recommendations on the size of needle that you should use with it. For instance, the ShimmAir® from Fractal Colors recommends a 0.3 needle (which is contained in the pen within the airbrush kit) but some thicker colours may require a 0.4 needle (which is contained within the spare airbrush pen in my shop)

I've just bought the NEW Dinkydoodle airbrush, but there's no instrcutions inside. How do I set the airbrush up?

Don't worry - it's very simple. Rather than printing instructions for your to read, its much easier if i take you through every step of setting up and using your airbrush by video. Simply click here to watch a whole host of videos from set up and getting started to fun and easy tutroials for you to follow and try out yourself.

I only want to buy one bottle of airbrush colour, but why is the postage nearly the same price as the item im buying?

unfortunately , whilst the item is small, it is a cilinder shape that will not fit into the large letter category for postage. Therefore EVERY item on this website has to be shipped within the small or medium parcel category. The lowest price band goes up to 1kg in weight, so why not add more bottles of colour to make the most of this lowest shipping price, it then makes shipping costs per bottle ( when broken down) much more reasonable.

I want to book on a class, but can I pay in installments?

Yes of course you can!, i just dont have the fascility to offer this just yet on the website. so if you want to book on a course and pay a deposit only to secure your booking please get in touch by email with details of the class you want to book and i can arrange an invoice to be raised giving details of the part payment agreement. you can email me here.

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