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Here are the questions we are most frequently being asked.

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  • Why should I use a dash cam?
    Every Car - Every Drive - Every Day After using and testing dash cameras for nearly four years, we cannot imagine driving a vehicle without one. To our team, the feeling of being unprotected by a dash cam is just like that of driving without wearing a seatbelt. PROTECTION - Have you ever been, or do you worry about being blamed for an accident that wasn't your fault? - Are you concerned about maintaining a good driving record with the DMV and your insurance company? - Have you ever received a ticket you didn't deserve? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then you should protect yourself, or a loved one, by using a dash cam any time you or they are behind the wheel. A dash cam is designed to provide video evidence that can prove your side of the story, even if the other party claims to have witnesses. Just have a look at the short video clips to see how valuable video evidence might be. VALUE A dash cam may pay for itself several times over. If your insurance company decides that you are fully or partially at fault for an accident you'll be forced to pay your deductible, plus any increases in premium due to the incident. Dash cam evidence may be the key to recovering your deductible and avoiding premium increases for accidents that are not your fault, or tickets you didn't deserve. In a worst-case scenario, a dash cam may prove your innocence in a costly lawsuit. ENTERTAINMENT If you've ever been driving and seen something interesting or unbelievable and wished you could see it again, or share it with friends and family, now you can. Dash cams capture footage any time you're driving, so the next time meteors fall to earth, or you're viewing a memorable sunset, you'll be able to relive the moment and share it with others.
  • Which dash cam should I buy?
    There are a wide variety of dash cam companies and products on the market today offering a dizzying array of features, as well as various levels of quality and performance. We thought that the process of selecting a dash cam was too difficult and required too much independent research for individuals to make smart purchase decisions. So, after several years of research and testing, Intrinsic Products has selected products from our partners at OnReal that we believe offer the best value propositions available. While our product listings go into great detail to assist you in the buying process, we'd love to provide personalized service to help you make the right choice to meet your specific needs. Feel free to email us 24/7 (, chat with us online, or phone us M-F 8am-4pm Pacific Time (714-488-3600 ) and we'll be happy to guide you through the decision-making process. Gift certificates are also available if you don't know which camera to purchase for someone else.
  • What's the difference between a dash cam and an action camera?
    Dash Cams are designed to record footage any time you are driving. Typically, dash cams are permanently mounted on the windshield of the vehicle and connected to a switched power source (accessory port) so that they automatically turn on and off with the vehicle. Dash cams also offer features like loop recording (the camera will record over the oldest footage on the memory card so that it never stops recording), accident detection (locks files from an accident so they can't be erased automatically), parking mode (recording while the vehicle is parked), etc. Action Cameras are designed to capture footage of activities that require a durable, high-quality camera, normally running on an internal battery. 1080P to 4K resolution, waterproof cases, image stabilization, slow-motion, time-lapse, photo mode and a varitey of mounting accessories are common among quality action cameras, like the OnReal B1KS+. Some action cameras may also be used as webcams, and even offer loop recording to mimic the functionality of a dash camera.
  • Do you offer price matching?
    We offer our Price Match Pledge to ensure that you pay the lowest price for our products. If you find a lower price from another US retailer on an identical, in-stock product, tell us and we’ll do our best to match it.
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